• Sep 10 2015

    Litter training your kitten

    Animal shelters and rescues are still flooded with cats and kittens at this time of year, so if you’ve been thinking of adopting a fluffy ball of love, now’s a good time! If you love the idea of…

  • Jul 09 2015

  • Apr 23 2015

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    What’s the deal with hairballs?

    Most cat owners are all too familiar with the gagging, hacking sounds of a cat being troubled by a hairball. While we like to joke about hairballs, and they are sometimes harmless, these wads of fur,…

  • Apr 16 2015

    Cats Can Get Heartworms Too

    April is National Heartworm Awareness Month, so here’s something you need to be aware of: Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not the only pets that can get heartworms. Cats get heartworms, too. …

  • Apr 05 2015

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    Tick Talk: Questions and Answers

    With the arrival of spring, we are all happy to spend more time outdoors. Unfortunately, that includes ticks – which can cause a lot of grief for pets and people. Let’s talk ticks. …

  • Apr 04 2015

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    Thunderstorms and Other Noise Phobias In Animals

    The spring, summer, and early fall herald the arrival of thunderstorms. They are also the seasons when fireworks displays and other noisy celebrations are common. Some pets, particularly dogs, can…

  • Mar 17 2015

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    Heartworm in Dogs

    Protecting your Pets from Heartworm in Ontario …