Dr Alireza Kamrani

Dr. Al Kamrani completed his veterinary degree in 1991 from Shiraz University in Iran. He also did some post-graduate study at the University of Tehran. After few years of small animal practice and at the same time working in academia, he moved to Ontario Veterinary College, in 2005, to do a research-based MSc program in the department of pathobiology.

After graduating from the MSc program, in 2007 and having his veterinary credentials approved in North America Al started his carrier as a small animal veterinarian in Canada. He has practiced in Bruce County in Ontario, St. John’s Newfoundland, and for the past 8 years in Barrie Ontario.

Dr. Al has a special interest in internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, dentistry, and ultrasound. He lives with his two rescue dogs, Misha and ChooChoo in Aurora. When he is not working, he enjoys going for a walk with his dogs, reading a book, and watching movies.